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Linux desktop notification of SMART failures

Linux desktop notification of SMART failures

Are there any notifications mechanisms for KDE and/or GNOME which read their data from smartd?

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Guest [Entry]

"You can use SmartMontools to control and monitor the SMART features of yours disks. I think it comes with most of the common distros.

There are man pages on smartctl and smartd you can look at for full syntax. smartctl is for configuration smartd is for getting reports and alerts setup.

[Edit: There's also GSmartControl, which is a GUI front end for SmartMonTools and claims to ""automatically reports and highlights any anomalies"". Haven't used it personally though. Is that the kind of thing you are after?]

[Edit 2: After much discussion, (see below) we have concluded Smart Notifier is the most helpful tool in this situation. There is also a guide here that includes some details on how to get it setup.]"