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Linux kernel fails to load, but gives no error

Linux kernel fails to load, but gives no error

Installed Linux as a dual-boot next to Windows 7 on my netbook and the install completed without any errors. When I pick the installed kernel from GRUB, I either get a blank screen with a blinking cursor (and hangs in there indefinitely) or the computer just restarts (loads BIOS again and goes back to GRUB). Thus I have a totally fresh install, as I haven't been able to load it up even once after installation. Picking Windows from GRUB or loading a LiveUSB session from a USB stick work just fine though.

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Guest [Entry]

"I have a Samsung netbook. It did the same thing to me. Well not exactly. I installed Ubuntu fine with a dual boot of windows xp. Now the problem is that some how the manufacturers put a 3rd hidden boot of windows vista.

my girlfriend got onto my pc and tried to boot the windows Vista partition and completely screwed it, now I have the same error. The only way that I know how to fix it is if you put Ubuntu back onto your usb, then change your bios to boot from usb first. Ubuntu will boot this time fine; but you have to re-install it.

One trick I recommend is that when you first finish installing Ubuntu make sure you download and install all updates that come with Ububtu and install all driver packages.

One thing that I have been trying to figure out also, when my netbook boots it tries to load the Grub boot menu to select which partition I want to boot. O wonder if there is a 3rd party tool that i can use that I can use to select which partition I can use. That way even if the ubuntu partition borks you can still use the windows partition. If all else fails put get yourself a hirens boot cd :) and put that onto your keystick and either fix or remove the whole ubuntu partition. That's all that I can really reconmend :) if that fails.... i cant help :("