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Linux LVM "no volumes found" during boot

Linux LVM "no volumes found" during boot

I have a strange problem. My Centos 5 box died and had to have the motherboard replaced. I got it back up and running and now when I try to boot I get a "No Volumes Found" message after the linux image is unpacked.

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Guest [Entry]

"If the drive controller on the new motherboard is setup to be native SATA, see if it can pretend to be a PATA controller (many can).

It could be that your CentOS setup is configured to only scan for physical volumes for LVM on /dev/hd* and not /dev/sd* - if that is the case then the drive appearing as /dev/sda or similar will make it invisible to the LVM setup in your initrd (but the boot CD can see it as it is setup to scan both hd* and sd*).

Not all chipsets/BIOSes support making the drive controller look like a plain old PATA controller, but many do (and many default to doing so, which I suspect to be the case with your old motherboard). Failing that, all is not lost: you should be able to build a new initrd using the live CD to make it work, though that will be quite a bit more complicated."