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linux: monitoring tty1 in graphical display

linux: monitoring tty1 in graphical display

I'm wondering if this is possible: I have stuff happening in TTY1 (i.e. the big console I get by hitting ctrl-alt-F1), and if at all possible I'd like to "watch" it in some way from my graphical interface (ctrl-alt-F7), possibly in a terminal window.

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Guest [Entry]

"I feel like a goofball answering my own question, but as often happens I finally found / figured out a working answer shortly after I posted here... Anyway, for anyone else who wants to do the same thing:

Install 'screen' (http://www.gnudotorg/software/screen/)
run screen from the TTY window you want to connect to
start whatever process it is you want to monitor
switch to your graphical environment, open a terminal and 'su' to the correct user
run 'screen -x' to connect to the session

Hope that helps someone :)

That being said, if anyone has a way of actually connecting to another running shell (is that even possible) without using other programs I would like to hear it!"