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Linux: Portable MP3-Player syncing on commandline

Linux: Portable MP3-Player syncing on commandline

I'm searching a console-application which helps me managing my portable mp3-player. The player is a simple mountpoint so nothing special here.

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Guest [Entry]

"Assuming you have an iPod, Gnupod (please Google, I can only post one hyperlink) is capable of doing what you propose with a little scripting magic.

It also converts FLAC and ogg files to AAC on-the-fly, and of course will transfer WAV, AAC and mp3:


With a little hacking you could probably add support for other formats. I've been using it for years now (I'm on my third iPod) and it really beats the pants off of the other more bloated options (amarok, banshee, etc). It's a simple tool meant to be combined with others."