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Live Mesh: cannot sync peer-to-peer. Why?

Live Mesh: cannot sync peer-to-peer. Why?

I am using Live Mesh on several computers: one Vista machine, one Windows 7 and another XP. It will sync perfectly between them if I sync to the Live Desktop. However, if I try and do peer-to-peer synchronization as per the official Live Mesh instructions (and this article), it simply will not work. The folder appears as a member of the mesh on both sides, but no files sync.

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Guest [Entry]

"Well the answer to my question was ""have patience"". The folder I was trying to sync was quite large (~10GB, with a mix of small and large files) and when I added the folder to the mesh on the source machine, unknown to me, Live Mesh spent a very long time doing some sort of processing on the source files (hashing them maybe? I don't know). Around 2 hours later, the files started to sync.

Although the files sync'd eventually, the process was very unintuitive and felt quite buggy. Once I had added the second computer on my LAN, I would have expected some sort of feedback on either computer to say something was happening. I ended up having to look in the resource monitor for file read/write activity to work out anything was going on at all. Once the files actually started to sync, the Live Mesh tray icon started spinning, but as I say, that was after about 2 hours of absolutely no user feedback whatsoever.

Live Mesh could definitely do with a better user experience here. More feedback as to what is going in especially."