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Load Thunderbird and have it minimize straight to system tray

Load Thunderbird and have it minimize straight to system tray

I'm setting up Thunderbird and need the mail program to jump into the system tray right after opening.

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Guest [Entry]

"Thunderbird does not offer the option 'minimize to tray, but there are plenty ways to skin this cat:

TrayIt! will do the trick.

or Auto Window Manager:

Automatically maximize or minimize or
normal all new windows you specify.

Automatically minimize all new windows you specify to system tray.

Automatically keep all new windows you
specify always on top.

Adds several menu items to standard
window system menu.

Minimize the current window to system

Apply transparency effect from 0%
(fully transparent) to 100% (solid)
rate to any program in Windows

Show window property of application,
such as window handle, class name,
process id etc.

Auto Refresh Internet explorer at
custom intervals.

both programs are free.

as for Thunderbird to load at startup, create a shortcut and place it in your startup folder."
Guest [Entry]

"You need to uncheck ""leave message on server"" for that account. Settings -> Server settings. I am german, and I do not know the exact menu texts, but they should sound similar like I posted here.

If that does not work, this may be an issue with gmail. For my varoius accounts (gmx, web.de), this works very fine."