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Localhost does not respond

Localhost does not respond

I had installed XAMP a long time ago in my PC (Windows XP) but just yesterday when I tried accessing localhost, the page kept on loading and loading but giving no results. If I try to kill the process the page stops loading and informs me that it cannot locate the page.

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Guest [Entry]

"Are you running the XAMPP control panel? Does it say that Apache is running?

Here is link to the XAMPP windows FAQ item for Apache not starting http://www.apachefriendsdotorg/en/faq-xampp-windows.html#nostart.

The Skype conflict was what bit me in getting Apache to run. Easily fixed though . . . Go in Skype to Actions --> Options --> Connection --> remove the check mark at ""use port 80 for an alternate port"" and restart Skype"