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Lock icon on many files in my home folder

Lock icon on many files in my home folder

Many of the files in my home folder have a small lock icon in the lower left corner. I think this may have to do with the fact I installed several times trying to get a dual-boot set up. Anyways, I have attempted to remove the Windows.old, Windows.old.000, and Windows.old.001 folders, which I finally managed to do. However, the lock icons still remain on many files in my home folder. I don't think this affects it functionally, but it is rather annoying to have a lock icon on every file on my desktop, and on most files under my home folder.

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Guest [Entry]

"The lock icon has to doing with file sharing. It indicates that only the owner the document has write access to the file.

Have you set up a HomeGroup for your Windows 7 system? You may want to change your HomeGroup settings to either turn off sharing or allow Read/Write access to all users."