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Logitech USB Wireless headset problems

Logitech USB Wireless headset problems

I bought a Clear Chat PC Logitech headset. Its possibly the best headset I've ever had, and it wasn't cheap. So you can imagine my disappointment when I upgraded to a 64Bit OS , only to find out - the sound is choppy, but it works fine in 32Bit OS (win 7 RTM in both cases).

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Guest [Entry]

"This is what I have discovered after 4 days of day and night searching for this solution....

GUYS I HAVE THE ANSWER (Hope it works for you too).

Firstly it has nothing to do with 32bit or 64Bit. I figured this out, installing 2 clean systems, and installing drivers 1 by one, and software, checking everything.

I was also worried that it could be motherboard drivers, or even possibly an out of date BIOS, if you can obviously update your chipset drivers, and try get a BIOS update.

But still this didn't solve the problem....

Here is what finally addressed the issue for me....

!!!THE GRAPHICS DRIVER!!! I know its hard to believe but I'm using a laptop so I got my driver from laptopvideo2go.com , instead of the latest, I rolled back to an earlier driver.

Now everything works like it should...."