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Looking for a software / something to automate some simple audio processing

Looking for a software / something to automate some simple audio processing

I'm looking for a way to take a 1-hour podcast MP3 file and split it into several several 2-minute MP3s. Along the way, I'd like to also do a few things like Amplify the volume.

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"Mp3Split would do the trick for splitting the files.

The LAME mp3 encoder has an option, --scale, that I believe can be used to increase the volume of the PCM values as well by a certain factor. To determine the gain value for use with LAME, you can use the mp3gain (windows only) tool which should give you a sufficiently higher volume level, without any clipping or level-induced distortion on the part of the file. I'm certain there are also *nix tools (like wavegain, I think) if your'e running Linux that do the same thing if you search a bit more.

Note, though, that if you work in a very noisy environment (eg. 4 kids + a dog and a hard of hearing mother that all tend to yell/bark/scream at the same time), even that may not be enough. I got some nice headphones / earbuds to eliminate that problem."
Guest [Entry]

"Try ffmpeg. It's a ridiculously powerful commandline tool that'd be great for this.

Split the mp3 using the short guide here and add the -vol switch to adjust volume.

For more info on ffmpeg switches, go to this guide and check out the FFmpeg homepage. A massive chunk of the commercial, freeware, and opensource audio/visual tools use ffmpeg under the hood for all of their transcoding and av work, give it a shot!"