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Looking for good newsreader program [closed]

Looking for good newsreader program [closed]

I am looking for good newsreader (NNTP) program, which 1) is preferrably free, 2) allows me to see older posts, not just latest, 3) can download posts for offline reading, 4) has good indexing/searching capabilities, 5) downloads new posts in interesting threads automatically, but doesn't download posts from ignored threads.

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"Thunderbird is fine as a newsreader. Just go to the group and click on File->Download next 500 messages

(It is a bit cumbersome if you want to download ALL newsgroup posts, but you can probably find an extension at Thunderbird Addons)"
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"Emacs Gnus is fantastic, once it is set up. Despite all the hard work of the developers to make it easy, it still requires a fair bit of fiddling to set it up. Once it's up and running, it has no equal.

Gnus comes with Emacs. The included info docs are enough to get it running. The newsgroup gnu.emacs.gnus exists and is active."
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"Without a doubt,


Description from the site:

What is Pan?

Pan is a Usenet newsreader that's good
at both text and binaries. It supports
offline reading, scoring and
killfiles, yEnc, NZB, and multiserver.
It's also the only Unix newsreader to
get a perfect score on the Good
Net-Keeping Seal of Approval
evaluations. It runs on Unix and
Unix-like operating systems, Mac OS X,
and Windows.

I've used installs on both Linux and Windows. Here's a newsreader that threads discussions painlessly; can detect multipart posts and display them as a single entry, instead of 8 segments; allows you to actually reconfigure the font in each window pane for optimal (read: fast) viewing; and in general, gets things done, easily.

I've tried Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Outlook, Agent (briefly), Mozilla(aka Netscape) Mail and News, Google Groups, nn (from a command line), and probably a few others that I've forgotten. I kept coming back to Pan because each of them was missing some useful (and constantly used) feature that I wanted. In the end...it was just easier to stop hunt, and get on with life with something that works."
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I use 40tude Dialog, despite the fact that is is no longer actively developed...
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Have you tried Google Groups? It provides a pretty decent interface to Usenet groups, including extensive archives. It doesn't meet all your criteria (offline mode, specifically), but might still be worth a try.