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Looking for HTTP debugging proxy for Mac similar to Fiddler on Windows [closed]

Looking for HTTP debugging proxy for Mac similar to Fiddler on Windows [closed]

In previous jobs when I've worked on a Windows machine, I've used Fiddler for viewing HTTP transactions and debugging.

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I found Charles Proxy. It's much closer to the functionality of Fiddler. It's not free, but it may be worth the price.
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I've used mitmproxy for intercepting HTTP traffic. It's a great tool and you can use it for debugging mobile devices as well or any operating system for that matter.
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"In addition to Charles (already mentioned), I also like the HttpFox add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Like Charles, you can use it on both Mac and Windows. It's lighter-weight than Charles because it lives in the browser, useful for quick troubleshooting. Here's some information from the HttpFox page:

HttpFox monitors and analyzes all incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic
between the browser and the web servers.

It aims to bring the functionality known from tools like HttpWatch or
IEInspector to the Firefox browser.

Information available per request includes:

Request and response headers
Sent and received cookies
Querystring parameters
POST parameters
Response body

And, a screenshot:"
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"Not a proxy, but it does help in debugging HTTP:


Simply start a scan on the interface you're going to have the HTTP traffic on, execute the traffic and then stop scanning and type ""HTTP"" as the filter string. You will then be able to inspect all the packets of the HTTP conversation. With the Packet Detail view open you can open the HTTP section and it will stay open between packets.

It's a great tool to have and it doesn't require you to change the browser proxy. On the other hand it cannot help with HTTPS traffic since that's encrypted. (Although it can decrypt SSL connections that use RSA)"
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I'm late but - I use Paros Proxy. It's in Java, so, cross-platform. Though if you would prefer for it to be packaged as an app, there's one here at the bottom.