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loud knocking on spin cycle

loud knocking on spin cycle

Hello. When our samsung front load washer gets to the spin cycle it sounds like horses are galloping through the laundry room. It is under warranty. They replaced shocks....just as bad or maybe even worse. If you are in the room it's so loud you can not hear a person talk beside you. I read a few of the other questions of similar nature on here but didn't see on where shocks had already been replaced and checked that not clothing or foreign objects in machine. I video recorded the sound when I turn drum by hand. The bang happens when you move the drum so simple to reproduce the noise. The tech seemed stumped so I thought I'd ask professionals online. Thank you for any ideas.

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The answer is the spider arm flange attached to the back of your tub. This is repairable. Search Youtube.
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"Hey Graeme.

You said your washer was still under warranty. My advice would be to avoid doing anything that might void the warranty. This would include taking on troubleshooting and repair aspects independently. I would report the continuing problem to the manufacturer (or entity issuing the warranty) and request they honor the terms and conditions stated in the warranty. Whatever the problem turns out to be, your liability and cost, etc., is minimized, this way.

Good Luck."
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"I had a knocking noise at fast speed and found it easy to fix. My model is Ecobubble wf11.

I took the back and top of the machine and spun on spin mode and watched. on top of the drum casing behind the PCB was a black box, i assume to hold the drum against the lid of the machine. While running I noticed the 2 bolts holding it down had come lose and the box was banging against the drum casing that it should be attached too.

In my case there should be 3 bolts 1 was missing and 2 had come lose. After tightening the bolts with a 10mm hex driver it was fixed. The machine had been shipped with 1 bolt missing. Maybe it is shipped with 2 bolts, but it is clearly designed for 3.

To fix this problem turn off the wall power and just take off the top of the machine.

Hope this helps someone. I always try to fix myself if out of warranty.

Good luck and watch utube videos if you are unsure.

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for me it was a broken spider - had corroded in 6 years of light use. Crap product IMJ