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Mac OS X: at command not working

Mac OS X: at command not working

I am going to schedule a job by using at command. Here I tried the following command:

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"To enable the needed atrun daemon, as man atrun says, execute:

launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.atrun.plist

as root (e.g. via sudo). Once you've done that, /var/at/ will be the key directory (though the simplest way is to use at as root -- e.g., once again, by sudo!-)."
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"I tried this on OS X Lion and it seemed to work.

First enable the atrun deamon:

launchctl load -w

Then add [your username] to /var/at/at.allow.

When executed you will receive output at /var/mail/[your username]

I find that queued items with batch take a few minutes to get actually get executed."
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"The launchctl step wasn't enough for me; Seamus's comment pointed me to a more recent answer.
The TL;DR is you also need to add /usr/libexec/atrun at System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access."