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Macbook Pro REALLY slow with bootcamp win xp and SSD

Macbook Pro REALLY slow with bootcamp win xp and SSD

I have a Macbook Pro and installed a new solid state drive (SSD) the Mac side runs great but I also installed Windows XP pro on a bootcamp partition and it has became unbearably slow. When I type at time is freezes for several seconds and there are several other random delays. Anyone hove any ideas what I can specifically tweak to get performance back?

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"I would agree with the comment above that it's probably a driver issue. Once you've installed the provided Boot Camp drivers off the Apple disc, it's worth updating them specifically from the manufacturer. In my case, with an aluminum MacBook (Late 2008), I found getting the drivers for the Nvidia 9400M graphics chip straight from Nvidia made a performance difference.

As an aside, I find it frustrating to figure out what causes those intermittent pauses since it could really be anything."