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MacPorts does not install package

MacPorts does not install package

I installed MacPorts and XCode, then went to a terminal and issued the command "sudo port install lua" and it appears to do nothing. When i execute "sudo port installed" i get back "No ports are installed.". Why is this package not installing and what can i do to get it installed?

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sudo port -v selfupdate

which should update the local portlist and give you verbose output so you can better see what's going on.

sudo port -v list lua should show you the lua portfile if it is properly installed. If you can see it, try the install again.

Hope that helps."
Guest [Entry]

"You can try to use the -t (trace) option:

sudo port -t install lua

The trace option isolates MacPorts from other software that might be active.

If that works, it means you probably have other package manager, such as Homebrew, or Fink, or some manual installation, that it is interfering."