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Make Google Chrome "Application" Windows Use High-Quality Icons in Windows 7

Make Google Chrome "Application" Windows Use High-Quality Icons in Windows 7

Whenever I use Google Chrome's "Create Application" shortcut (which I heavily use, and recommend), the icons shown on the Windows 7 taskbar are really blurry, probably the result of the 16x16 favicon being stretched out.

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Guest [Entry]

"This might be your best bet for sites that don't offer the correct size icons. I haven't fully confirmed that this works because I'm not on the dev channel.

Go to a dataUri Generator, upload the 128px PNG that you want as an icon. Copy the dataUri text for use below.

In Google Chrome on the page you want to create an app shortcut for press <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+J, click the second icon from the left (Show Console) and paste in the following. Make sure you replace the datauri and description below. Enter will execute it and you should see the gears application shortcut window.

document.title, window.location.href, {'128x128': '**dataUri**'}

The other option is to appeal to the web developer of the site to add these simple extra meta and link tags to their site.

Also if you really want to get fancy I guess you could create multiple dataUri's with each of icon sizes like specified in Ivo's answer above."