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Make MS Entourage forget old e-mail addresses

Make MS Entourage forget old e-mail addresses

From time to time, coworkers send messages from their personal e-mail accounts. Entourage likes to store and suggest these addresses when composing messages in the future. This is great, except that it inevitably leads to work-related messages being sent to personal addresses. Is there any way to either disable this behavior (only suggest LDAP-linked addresses?) or flush Entourage's memory of this

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"From entourage.mvpsdotorg:

Entourage X, 2004 and 2008: To clear
ALL there is a preference in Mail &
News: Compose: Clear List button.
There is also an option in the
preferences to disable this feature
all together.

To clear a single address, add it
exactly like the one that is
remembered to your address book and
mark it as Junk (or assign category
Junk). You can just delete the
address, but if you receive it again
it will just be added back. Marking as
junk will permanently remove it from
the AutoComplete list."