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Make window always on top?

Make window always on top?

Some applications do not have the functionality like Task Manager's "Always on top" feature.

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"I use Deskpins for this:

There is also PowerMenu if you prefer a context menu solution, which lets you set application priority and transparency from the context menu as well:"
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"Ash's answer using AutoHotkey is a great alternative. However, the current state of the script can be troublesome. The AlwaysOnTop property is persistent even after AutoHotkey is no longer running. You could go through each window manually and toggle this property to off, but we're using AutoHotkey; We can do it automatically!:

!#Down:: ;Windows+Alt+Down
WinGet, windows, List
Loop, %windows%
window := windows%A_Index%
WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, Off, ahk_id %window%
WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, On, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
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"I will have to back up and support OnTop:


It has a tray icon. You can use the tray icon to enable/disable it, or ""exit"". Other than that I've been using it since ~2002 and like it minus the fact that it does not work with a command prompt window (per the readme, even says this). It also didn't appear to work with either calculator or notepad, or both, but that's not a big deal to me as it works with everything else I need or want it to.

Adding it to start up with the system is also not a bad idea, otherwise you'll have to remember to manually start it! Don't know if it works with Windows8 or not though.

It originally came from the site PlanetScott but the site appears to have been replaced with a blank page. You can still get the software from this direct link."
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There is also amazing utility: OnTopReplica. It allows to replicate any window or its part and keep that image on top updating in real time. Which fits my needs perfectly.
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"A console command with the help of freeware Nirsoft's NirCMD tool -
nircmdc.exe win settopmost foreground 1

I expanded on this more in the answer to a similar question."