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Manually Backing Up Locked-down Outlook 2003 SP3

Manually Backing Up Locked-down Outlook 2003 SP3

My work has a terrible implementation of NTLogins, Profiles and Outlook 2003 Service Pack 3.

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"The article Outlook 2003 configurations and file locations contains an enormous list of places where Outlook 2003 settings are stored (except mail settings).

Mail settings are stored in the registry at:
However, as some (but not all) settings are in binary, the most one can do is export and re-import these problematic settings. They don't seem to be encoded, so it might be possible to study their structure.

You can also use the Save My Settings Wizard to save and restore almost all Outlook settings. As it is a GUI program, to have it run automatically you might need to automate its startup with AutoHotkey or another macro program.

In any case, the above article also includes a complete list of the registry keys that are saved, which can point you in the right direction even if you decide not to use the wizard."