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Map one column to x axis second to y axis in excel chart

Map one column to x axis second to y axis in excel chart

I'm struggling while trying to plot simple data into a simple chart in Excel (2010 beta).

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"I don't understand quite. What kind of graph do you want ? This ?

To get this, choose your chart as a linear type (xy scatter group). After that go to select data, and select x and y values by hand from series 1. After that, fix up a little your x axis properties, so the year shows every year, and not every two or so ... Might want to fix up the default look of the graph too."
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"Select the cells containing the data you want to graph
Select Insert -> Chart
Select graph style you want
In the ""Chart Source Data"" dialog, select the ""Series"" tab
Remove the X axis data column. Series 1 is the leftmost column, so in your example, you'd remove Series 2
Enter Names(legends) for the other Series(lines) -- in your example, you'd enter ""Value""
Select the spreadsheet icon at the right side of the ""Category (X) axis labels"" text box -- this will minimize the wizard and bring up the spreadsheet
Select the X axis data from spreadsheet -- in your example, the data in the ""Year"" column
Click the X at the upper right of the minimized wizard -- this will maximize the wizard, not close it
Change/add chart, X, and Y titles
Make any other format changes
Select Finish

Is this intuitive? Hell, no! It's Microsoft!"
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"In Excel 2003 you can change the source data series in step 2 of the chart wizard on the ""Series"" tab. Just change all the references from column A to B, and B to A.

You can also modify source data on an existing chart in the same way. Right-click a blank area on the chart and look for ""Source Data..."" in the context menu."
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"A little preparation saves a lot of hassle.

If you put the X values in the first column and the Y values in the second column, and create an XY chart, Excel will get it right."
Guest [Entry]

Just remove the header from the first column, and it will auto-format as the axis.