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Mcafee Conflict with Windows 7 and Bradford Persistent Agent

Mcafee Conflict with Windows 7 and Bradford Persistent Agent

My college network requires Bradford Persistent Agent and Mcafee Virus Software 8.7i. The Bradford Persistent Agent basically checks to make sure Mcafee is running and updated, and reports this status to the network. If it is configured incorrectly, I cannot access the Internet. Right now, I am running off of the device network, (iPod/iPhone WiFi) which is considerably slower and doesn't enable me to use my Ethernet cable.

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Guest [Entry]

"The bradford persisent agent works one hundred percent with win7 and Mcafee. (I support it at my own Helpdesk).

After you install the Bradford Persistent Agent, do you get the popup (From bradford) to ask you to login? If no, uninstall Bradford and disable any Firewall you have running.

Also, try restarting the Bradford Agent service (Search for services in the start menu and open services, look for Bradford and right-click and hit restart. Also definitely try reinstalling.

Next question, when you hit rescan on the bradford page, does the popup come up with the loading bar going across? If it does, Does the bar go all the way across or does it just jump to the end half way through.

Also, tell him, ""look I have McAfee set to auto Update, and Bradford installed."" He can manually add you to the network so that you have the internet in the mean time.

Finally, You could try a different Anti-Virus, like AVG, Comodo or Avira. Bradford supports tons of Anti-Virus Software. (You can download it to your Jump Drive from a different computer) Other software can still update through the Bradford network.

Let me know how it goes!"