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Microsoft Word 2003 has no suggestions for synonyms

Microsoft Word 2003 has no suggestions for synonyms

In Word there should be a functionality that when I right-click over any word the menu pops up and I can select the Synonyms. However instead of a list I only get a grayed-out No Suggestions and Thesaurus...

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Guest [Entry]

"Well I finally got this one solved. I actually thought that it was an installation issue but even after installing MS Office 2007 the problem remained.

I originally copied another user's profile on the system, in doing so it inherited all the permissions of that user instead applying them to my username.

I therefore had to change permissions to my username for all programs on the machine as well as hunt through the registry to change any references from C:\Users\CopiedUsername to C:\Users\MyUsername

After doing so and restarting the PC, Voila, MS Word would produce a list of Synonyms for words I chose.

Had this been a Vista Ultimate or Business the task may have been much easier than in Vista Home Premium."
Guest [Entry]

"From this page it looks like the synonyms functionality is part of Microsoft Proofing Tools for Office 2003, which seems to be a paid for add in.

Has this been installed? If it has you might need to repair it or activate it.

Unfortunately I don't have Office 2003 installed any more to check on my system what the behaviour is when it's not installed."