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Microsoft Word is in English but "Figure", "Equation" and "Table" appear in Spanish

Microsoft Word is in English but "Figure", "Equation" and "Table" appear in Spanish

In my new laptop I am using Microsoft Word 2003 SP3 running on Microsoft Windows XP in English.

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Guest [Entry]

"Here are two options depending on your situation:

Situation 1: Your copy of Office was installed from a Spanish language based install media.

You will be able to set the default language to English, but core functions will use the native language of the installation media.

The only fix is to uninstall the Spanish version, and install from an English-based install media.


Situation 2: Everything seems to be English, but occasionally foreign languages appear.

In this situation, here are repair instructions for Office 2002:

Click the Start menu
Point to Programs
Point to Microsoft Office Tools
Click Microsoft Office XP Language Settings.
Click the Enabled Languages tab.
Go to the Default version of Microsoft Office box
Select the language you want
Click OK. A message will appear telling you what changes will be made.
Click Continue

I hope this helps."
Guest [Entry]

"I find a solution. It's simple. I use Professional Plus 2019, but I think it works for other versions.

I think that the document configuration overwrites the program configuration. I'm using a document that has two languages, English and Portuguese and the label language was English as normal. One day I open the document and the label was in Portuguese, with the high inconvenience that the label number starts from 1 again. So I change the language of orthography of the whole page to English thinking that maybe some line in Portuguese could cause this change, but I didn't succeed.

The solution was to select all the document Ctrl+A and change to English using the bottom into the inferior bar. You select English, set as default and deselect the detect language automatically option.

Works for me, and you don't need to uninstall the whole Microsoft Package for this, as I saw as solutions. . . ."