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Migrate from Windows Xp to Windows 7

Migrate from Windows Xp to Windows 7

Well, now I work on a laptop with Windows XP. Due to interest in Azure development I'm thinking of migrating to Windows 7. Yes, I know I can install something on a VM but that's not always comfortable.

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"Well, this is really more of a superuser question, but I'll bite.

Windows 7 64-bit is really the way to go if you're not concerned about compatibility issues. As with any install, you really should test things before deploying it into a production environment.

I would do a clean install of Windows 7 if you have that option. You can not upgrade a 32-bit install with a 64-bit install.


That's the technet article directly from MS on this issue."
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I was in the same position a few weeks ago. I decided not to go with the unexpected and did a clean Windows 7 install and since my system had 3GB of RAM I went for 64bit Windows 7.