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mini linux for browsing media playing

mini linux for browsing media playing

"I'm looking for a small linux install (<100Mb) that can just run a browser and ideally a media player.
It's to fit in a spare recovery partition on my laptop and be a quick boot for non-work stuff when I'm on the road."

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Guest [Entry]

"Have a look at GeeXboX which is a media-centered Linux distribution.

GeeXboX, a small media center Linux
live CD distribution, can run from any
small device, such as a USB disk or a
wallet CD-R, and can play both
disk-based media like DVDs and online
media like Icecast streams. The
project has been in development for
several years and has just released
version 1.1. I fed it every kind of
media file I could lay my hands on --
Ogg, MP3, MP4, AVI, DVDs, VCDs, and
their ripped versions -- and it played
them all without a hiccup. But what
makes GeeXBoX a fantastic distribution
is its ease of use and malleability.

GeeXBoX 1.1 is a mere 8.9MB ISO
download. Its hardware requirements
are minimal -- a Pentium II 400MHz
processor and 64MB of RAM are enough
to power GeeXBoX -- and of course
you'll need a CD/DVD drive to play
your media. GeeXBoX ejects its CD boot
media after copying itself into memory
and booting the computer. If you don't
want to bother with the GeeXBoX CD
every time you want to power up your
media center, you can install GeeXBoX
onto a hard drive as well. To install
GeeXBoX you need only an 8MB
partition, and it can install in a
Windows FAT partition as well as Linux
ext2/3 partitions. If you don't have a
hard disk on the computer you want to
run GeeXBoX on, you can install the
distribution onto a USB disk.

GeeXBoX boots quickly into a simple
graphical environment. The first
screen displays controls to open and
play media files, change preferences
(for audio/video playback, displaying
subtitles, and so on), and configure
some options (such as a sleep timer
and autoplay mode). The developers
have done a good job of making the
distribution as easy to use as a
regular DVD player. Unless you're
really picky about the font size of
your subtitles, you'll be happy with
the default settings."
Guest [Entry]

"There are a few distributions like this, but the only installable one I've come across is Webconverger. It's basically a web kiosk, but it's Debian based, and you can install additional applications to it. To make things simpler, you might want an MP3 player add-on for the browser.

I'm not sure how well it fits into the size requirement, but it's sibling cl33n is a LiveCD only distro which works similarly, if you don't require an install. It's very small although development halted in November 2009."