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Missing audio transcoding options under VLC for Mac

Missing audio transcoding options under VLC for Mac

I'm following the iPod Video Conversion Guide for VLC (VideoLAN) v1.02 on a Mac. I've reached the section where I need to choose which audio transcoding option to use.

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Guest [Entry]

"VLC compiles fine on my Mac 10.6 using MacPorts. You have also some lattitude to install variants and pimp your VLC, including the libraries you ask for.

$ port variants vlc
VLC has the variants:
bonjour: Enable Bonjour support
darwin_10: Platform variant, selected automatically
dvb: enable DVB Program Specific Information support
fribidi: Enable FriBidi Unicode support
* requires osd
full: Enable all variants except x11 and no_*
* requires huge qt4 smb
huge: Enable all variants except x11, qt4, smb and no_*
* conflicts with minimal
* requires dvb fribidi live555 sdl shout speex svg vcd
live555: Enable Live555 streaming media support
macosx: Platform variant, selected automatically
minimal: VLC Mac OS X minimal configuration
[+]mod: Enable MOD demuxer support
[+]mpc: enable Musepack Decoder library support
no_dvd: disable DVD and DeCSS support
no_ffmpeg: disable FFmpeg support
[+]osd: Enable onscreen display and TrueType font support
qt4: Build using QT4 UI. This will use qt4-x11 if +x11 and qt4-mac otherwise.
sdl: Enable SDL/SDL-Image support
shout: Enable Shoutcast support
smb: Enable Samba 3 support
speex: Enable Speex decoder support
svg: Enable SVG support
[+]theora: Enable OggTheora support
[+]twolame: Enable MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoding
vcd: Enable VCD support
x11: Build support for X11
[+]x264: Enable H.264 en/decoding

so simply issue:

$ sudo port install vlc +huge

(and by updating / upgrading, you'll stay in sync with latest releases)"