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Modern CPU for highly concurrent server applications? [closed]

Modern CPU for highly concurrent server applications? [closed]

I am looking for a hardware, which must run about 256 computationally intensive real-time concurrent tasks in 24 hour mode. Each task takes about 40-50 MFLOPs, so all tasks require about 10 GFLOPs. CPU-RAM speed is insignificant. All tasks must be managed by a Linux Kernel (32 bit, with SMP).

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"Well you can get single socket, multi-core until the cows come home. I have a quad core for my home desktop (4x3.0ghz). They are common, and reasonably cheap.

Whether that will meet your compatibility needs is a whole different story. I've installed Fedora 11 (Kernel on dual quad-core Xeon machines, more than once, without any major difficulties (and the ones I had were raid based, not processor based). I've got Fedora 12 on my laptop (which meets your requirements, even though it's only got 2 cores.) I don't think you'll have processor problems.

As for 10 gigaflops, that's no problem...Almost all modern intel desktop processors are capable of at least that."