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Monaco font not antialiased in some GTK apps

Monaco font not antialiased in some GTK apps

I have a strange issue with the Monaco font on Ubuntu Karmic. I have recently installed the Monaco font just to see what the hype is all about.

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"In GTK applications, the system font is controlled by ~/.Xresources. But in Firefox, the page display is controlled by the fontconfig system, so you have to make settings in ~/.fonts.conf.

Monaco does look better on a Mac. OS X has very aggressive antialiasing and it is hard to duplicate that effect on other systems. The closest you can get on Linux is to make your settings:

sub-pixel antialiasing = on
hint strength = slight
lcdfilter = lcddefault

To use the lcdfilter feature, you need libcairo2 1.10+. Even then, it will not have an effect in Firefox, since it doesn't use that system for rendering pages."