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Monitoring CPU Usage Over the Course of a Day?

Monitoring CPU Usage Over the Course of a Day?

Are there any apps I an install on client machines that will generate a report for me what app used what % of the CPU. We have some machines that are running, at times, VERY slowly. The machine will run really poorly then boom, back up to full speed. There isn't usually enough time to check Task Manager real quickly to see what is running, not to mention the majority of the time there are people using the computer that don't know what the Task Manager is. ;)

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"Here's the rest of the details for using perfmon/counter logs to track this down directly:

Right click on My Computer, select Manage
Expand System Tools-Performance Logs and Alerts-Counter Logs
Right click on it and select New Log Settings, enter a name and proceed
Click on the Add Counters button
Select local computer counters
Select the Process Object
Select All instances
Add at least % Processor Time
Close the add counters dialog
Change the interval to something more reasonable between 30sec-5min
Close and save the configuration, then start it by right clicking or using the toolbar

Personally I would start with a larger time interval and the overall CPU utilization (Processor Object), Disk Utilization, Networking, Some of the core Memory object counters and then add the Process counters that relate to whatever seems to be at the limits of capacity.

When you have captured the incidents you want to analyze you can analyze them manually by loading the files in perfmon (use View Log Data or Ctrl-L to load them).

If you have many machines to check, download PAL: http://pal.codeplex.com which has different pre-configured counter sets you can import into a Counter Logs configuration, as well as a large number of criteria that it uses to check different specific bottlenecks. More importantly the reports contain pretty specific background information on each type of counter/bottleneck."