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Motherboard audio to analog (RCA red/white)

Motherboard audio to analog (RCA red/white)

I'm building a NES PC casemod and want to use the RCA jacks in the case for the audio connection. I'm using the Intel D945GCLF2 which has motherboard pins for front-panel audio as well as S/PDIF audio.

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"The motherboard PDF reference you link shows a Audio header reference on the last page.
These are for wiring to a cabinet speaker.

If you want to extend Stereo output over two RCA jacks,
I think connecting them internally to the Front Panel header
(integrated HD, numbered '7' on page 3)
over the front-left and front-right jacks would be suitable.
This can be done with an extension wire or manually wiring through the signal/ground paths.

You can change the HD Audio configuration to use Stereo output (rather than 5.1) later.

S/PDIF is usually a digital path."