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Move "XP Mode" from Windows Virtual PC to VirtualBox?

Move "XP Mode" from Windows Virtual PC to VirtualBox?

I installed "XP Mode" in Windows 7 (which uses Windows Virtual PC to host XP). I have now discovered that VirtualBox, which I have installed on the same Windows 7 machine, refuses to run at the same time as Windows Virtual PC (it gives me an error about not running multiple visualization programs).

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Guest [Entry]

"Following up @Molly7244's post, VMLite plugin for virtualbox.


The official VMLite XP Mode Plugin for Sun VirtualBox, which enables VirtualBox to run XP Mode, has been released. Free download is available from our download area.

(the 2nd binary VMLiteWorkstationPluginSetup.exe)
(registration required)

Who needs the plugin?

(1) Current VirtualBox users that want to run XP Mode. The plugin is fully compatible with VirtualBox 3.1.2, so your existing VirtualBox and virtual Machines won't be touched in any way. The plugin simply installs to a separate folder, and enables VirtualBox to run XP Mode.

(2) Current VMLite users that want to support USB devices, such as USB printers, USB webcams, etc. You will need to uninstall your current VMLite Workstation first.

How to install?

It requires Sun VirtualBox 3.1.2. you need to Install VirtualBox first, then install the plugin.

You will be able to run XP Mode with VirtualBox, or with the newly installed VMLite Workstation.

1) Current VirtualBox Users without any VMLite installed

you can download the plugin, and install VMLite, then follow the wizard to create the first XP Mode vm.

2) Current VMLite users without any VirtualBox installed

Follow the following steps exactly:

(1) Uninstall your current VMLite Workstation
better to reboot the host machine after VMLite Workstation is uninstalled

(2) Very important - otherwise your previous VMs won't be available
rename this folder, c:\users\%your-user-id%\VMLites to c:\users\%your-user-id%.VirtualBox (yes, there is a dot in front of VirtualBox)

(3) Download and install Sun VirtualBox 3.1.2

(4) Download and Install our VMLite Plugin for VirtualBox
the 2nd binary from our download page (VMLiteWorkstationPluginSetup.exe)
Guest [Entry]

"When using the ""XP Mode"" VHD with VirtualBox you'll have trouble with the activation. It is better to set up your own Windows XP VirtualBox.

VMLite is supposed to be working with the Windows XP Mode VHD, however. It is build on the open source edition (OSE) of VirtualBox, which is lacking USB throughput. VMLite is particularly popular with users who can't run Windows XP Mode in Virtual PC due to hardware limitations (no hardware virtualization support)."