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Moving users folder on Windows 7 to another partition, bad idea?

Moving users folder on Windows 7 to another partition, bad idea? I am anxiously getting ready at long last to to carry out a clean install (using custom install option) from Vista to Windows-7 Home Premium 64bit with the free upgrade I received late October.

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Guest [Entry]

"The problems involved in moving the Users folder are:

Preserving special folders
permissions and icons requires a full
backup program rather than copy.
A backup program would also spare you
fiddling around with moving each of
Contacts, Desktop, Downloads,
Favorites, Links, My Documents, My
Music, My Pictures, My Videos, Saved
Games and Searches.
Relocating these folders via Windows
7 may cause a problem when
reinstalling Windows.
It's far easier to relocate it
symbolically by creating a link on C
that points to the other partition.

The procedure as described in Moving your data where you want in Windows Vista:

Backup C:\Users using a backup program
Restore the C:\Users to your new desired location (example: D:\Users)
Start WinPE or Windows Installation disc command prompt
Using the command prompt

rmdir /S /Q C:\Users
rmdir ""C:\Documents and Settings""
mklink /J C:\Users D:\Users
mklink /J ""C:\Documents and Settings"" D:\Users


I advice to mind your backups before starting."
Guest [Entry]

Libraries do NOT actually hold data, they're basically shortcuts to folders. I think they're called "virtual folders" in the past.