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MPG to AVI converter?

MPG to AVI converter? What is a good (preferably free) program that can convert MPG to AVI, for Windows?

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Guest [Entry]

"HandBrake (versions < 0.9.4) can do this for free. AVI support was removed in 0.9.4 so any previous version should be fine.

From Handbrake's page:

Focus on what we do best

As we've had on our roadmap for quite
awhile now, one of our goals for
version 0.9.4 was to refocus on
HandBrake's key strengths and to
remove dead weight. As part of this
process, several containers and a
codec have been removed from

AVI: AVI is a rough beast. It is obsolete. It does not support modern
container features like chapters,
muxed-in subtitles, variable framerate
video, or out of order frame display.
Furthermore, HandBrake's AVI muxer is
vanilla AVI 1.0 that doesn't even
support large files. The code has not
been actively maintained since 2005.
Keeping it in the library while
implementing new features means a very
convoluted data pipeline, full of
conditionals that make the code more
difficult to read and maintain, and
make output harder to predict. As
such, it is now gone. It is not coming
back, and good riddance.

You can get older versions of HandBrake from FileHippo."
Guest [Entry]

SUPER (http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html) I think is the best. But you must have the last codecs in your computer to be allowed to convert to some filetypes. Then download also K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.