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Ms Office "Not genuine" anymore, after motherboard replacement

Ms Office "Not genuine" anymore, after motherboard replacement The motherboard of my laptop recently gave the ghost and since the laptop was still under warranty, the manufacturer replaced it for free and all seemed well, except that my copy of Ms Office gives me a warning that it isn't genuine anymore. (previous authenticity checks went fine).

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"If you read Microsoft's license agreements you will see that they do indeed bind to the motherboard, however, if the computer is still under warranty and the new motherboard was supplied by the original manufacturer Microsoft will re-validate your software if you contact them.
You may run into a problem if the Office software was not supplied by the manufacturer of the computer, but I think the fine people at Microsoft will be nice enough to assist you even in this situation.

How to obtain a replacement product
To replace a Microsoft product key,
you must contact Microsoft Customer
Service and Support. To locate the
appropriate telephone number, visit
the following Microsoft Web site:
Note When you contact Microsoft
Customer Service and Support for a
replacement product key, you may have
to pay a fee. You may also have to
provide information from your computer
or from the product CD or DVD when you
are speaking to the customer service

How to identify, locate, and replace a product key"
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Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to give Microsoft a call to straighten it out. If your copy is legit, then it should work out. But, I agree, it is a pain.
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I've had the same issue with Office 2007 when I changed the motherboard. I reactivated Office by calling a special phone number (in my country) and following several steps. After that, it was reactivated again. The procedure is described here.
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This might be an opportunity to explore the alternatives, such as OpenOfficedotorg. No purchase costs and no licensing issues. But, as others have said, with enough time on the phone to Microsoft support they will probably allow you use the software you paid for on your computer again.