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Multiple delete in Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Multiple delete in Microsoft Outlook Web Access

How can I delete multiple or all inbox messages in the Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2003?

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Guest [Entry]

"Did you try logging into your OWA with some other browser than Internet Explorer or Firefox ?

Opera for instance is not fully supported which can actually be a good thing since you don't get all that fancy Outlook imitation. The interface is much simpler and functionalities are much more available. You should then get a ""check all"" and be able to delete with increased speed.

Else, best solution would still probably to be able to configure and connect an Outlook client to your OWA..."
Guest [Entry]

"Shift-click does work — but only if you don't scroll too far.

I find I can get about two screenfuls of scrolling for each chunk added to the selection.

If you go too far by mistake, it's not a problem, just scroll back up a little closer and try again. You can scroll back to the top to verify the selection is still intact without losing what you've done. It's possible that zooming out (cmd--) helps, but only a little bit, even if you zoom a lot. (It seemed like I could pick up maybe 10 more items per click.)

None of the other solutions here or in a near-duplicate question worked for me, though my case was slightly different (selecting in order to move, rather than delete messages). I tried using Opera, Shift-click or Cmd-Shift-click to select the whole range at once, or most frustratingly Cmd-A."