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Multiple open tabs in Firefox

Multiple open tabs in Firefox

is there a way to get firefox to display more than one tab at the same time? It'd come handy if I could have two pages open side by side, especially with a widescreen monitor. Can this be done in a single firefox instance or do I have to open two instances and place them next to each other?

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Guest [Entry]

"Try the ""split browser extension"".

You can split browser infinitely, as
many as your RAM and your screen
allow. Enjoy split and split to your
heart's content!

Drag and drop is available to load
links, bookmarks, and so on, into
split browser. If you drag the toolbar
of split browser, you can load the
page in another split browser.

Split browsers can be closed by their
closebox. ""File"" > ""Close All Split
Browser"" closes all of them at once."