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My Fonts are mostly hidden in Windows 7

My Fonts are mostly hidden in Windows 7

I'm stuck - I used Suitcase Fusion 2 to try and manage a large body of shareware fonts I bought, but I hated it and uninstalled. Now when I go to the Fonts control panel in Windows 7, the vast majority of my fonts are hidden. Is there a way to unhide them?

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"Not too sure if the other answers have any experience with Suitcase Fusion, but I've been using that software for beaucoup years, and I've learnt early in the game that :

If you manage your fonts using Suitcase Fusion, it stores the fonts in its own secret directory, and only adds it to the Windows fonts when you ACTIVATE those fonts.

Now, once you've uninstalled Suitcase Fusion, your fonts (as you said, hidden) cannot be found in Windows fonts, and have never been in there to start with.

I have not used Windows Suitcase Fusion for quite awhile now (having switched to a Mac for design work), and if I remember correctly, the fonts you have managed with Suitcase Fusion can be found in C:\Documents And Settings[username]\Application Data\Extensis\Suitcase... something something."
Guest [Entry]

"Do you see these hidden fonts with File / Install new font in the Fonts control panel ?
If yes, just reinstall them."