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My internet is not working after connecting the internet cable

My internet is not working after connecting the internet cable

I have an always on broadband internet connection. I connected it to my Linksys router, and from there I connected it to the LAN card of the computer. I am not sure my confiurations are perfect.

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The easiest way is just to do a system restore to the date it stopped working, minus one day, to be sure. I had the same problem for 2 weeks till it just hit me to do that and am back on already ;)
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"If your two wireless laptops are working properly, then you've not setup something properly on the computer.

Control Panel -> Network Connections.

If you're on Windows Vista, You'll need:

Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connections

Right click on the wired connection (it'll normally be called Local Area Connection) or similar, and hit properties.

Scroll down to ""Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"" and click it, then click Properties. (Vista will probably make a distinction on version 4 vs. version 6, we're looking for version 4 here).

Compare the settings at the TCP/IP Properties screen on your laptop versus that of the PC that doesn't work.

The only thing that should be different is the IP address, assuming you're manually setting addresses. Chances are you have a typo that requires fixing here.

If that doesn't work, right click on the Local Area Connection and click ""Repair"". This will perform all the basic maintenance you need on the connection (ip release, ip renew, flush dns, etc) and should help in getting it working."
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"As others mentions your computer should be setup to automatically recieve and IP address via DHCP. To find out go to Control panel>>Network Connections and right click on the connection (probably local area connection #2 from you above comments). Go to Properties. Then select Internet Protocol (Tcp/IP) and go to settings. There will be an option to select automatically receive and address. If that is not the right adapter try the others as well see. It is unlikely that setting them all to this will do any harm.

now if you still cant get online you should be able to log into the linksys router's control panel and see if it has received an address from your cable modem (I imagine it has since you said the laptop works).
To do so you need to first determine your router's inside IP address. Go to Start>>Run and type in ""cmd""(no quotation marks). Now int he command prompt enter ""ipconfig"" (no "" marks). The ip address of the router will be listed next to ""Default Gateway"". Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, firefox, chrome) and type in that number. Will very likely be You will be prompted for a user name password. It is probably admin/admin, or admin/(blank). You can always google the find the default password. Now click around and look for the WAN IP address. If it shows as try clicking the renew (or similar) button."