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My iPhone 6 has lines and black spots all over the screen

My iPhone 6 has lines and black spots all over the screen

So I dropped my phone this morning and the screen slightly popped off so I pushed it back in and there are lines that around colorful and are horizontal and vertical are all over my phone. And when a press on it the lines change and there is a huge black spot too. Do I just get the screen fixed? Is there also something wrong with the motherboard too? please help me out

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Hi i recently dropped my iphone 6 like the picture showing i have lines on my phone and black dots but i also keep getting a message on the home screen there is a sensor issue with the phone but its responding to my touch only on the bottom half of my screen the home button has stopped working before i dropped the phone and i cannot unlock my iphone because my passcode has numbers at the top of my screen, will replacing this screen fix the issue as the screen is completly cracked and parts of the screen are missing at the top ?
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my phone is the exact same as the image after i dropped it. if i get this repaired will i lose my data
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So i dropped my iphone and know i can’t even get into it cause there is black spread all around my phone and on the top half of the phone there is vertical lines then on the bottom half it’s just glitching out and idk what to do with it. Do any of ya’ll know what to do?