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My Mac OS X time changed automatically to Jan 1, 2001?

My Mac OS X time changed automatically to Jan 1, 2001?

When I started my MacBook today, it started to show my MacBook's time to 1 Jan 2001. But after I connect it to internet it goes back to normal? Why does it happen? Does anyone know any specific reason. I am on 10.6.2

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"When you connect to the internet if set up in the Date/Time Preference Pane the computer will retrieve the time from a time server (in this case, most likely time.apple.com) and set it to the proper time. If the time is being reset to January 1st, 2001 you most likely have a dead PRAM/Clock/CMOS battery or something odd happening with your PRAM.

You can try resetting your PRAM but restarting and holding the Command-Option-P-R keys down until you hear the computer start up (the ""bong"" sound). If that fails to work you'll need to replace the battery which is easiest by taking it to a Apple Authorized Service Centre. These batteries normally last 7-10 years."