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My network is losing the ip-address

My network is losing the ip-address

"It happens often after a while und ubuntu 8.04 on my notebook in my wired LAN. After I couldn't find a reason in the logs I started a terminal and a ping.
Reading my emails I recognized that the network is gone away and a look in my terminal-windows shows the follwing:"

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Guest [Entry]

"When ping states 'Destination Host unreachable', that is a likely indication that the router could not forward the ICMP packet across to the specific host across the internet.

Simple steps to check:

ifconfig eth0 - checks to see if the network device is up and running
ping - checks to see if the tcp/ip stack is functioning
ping {your_routers_ip_address - checks to see if the nic can transmit data to your router's ip address (by default, - if it doesn't at this stage, then your nic could be faulty. If it works, then the issue is with the router...

If the NIC appears to be faulty, check the log by issuing this on the command line

less /var/log/messages

If this fails, you need to use this instead:

sudo less /var/log/messages

then enter your password when prompted to do so.

and look for the specific keyword eth0 followed by the message on the same line - double check it. Maybe an update of the driver might be required or an incorrect configuration that causes your pc to drop connections.

If the issue is the router - there could be a fault on the line itself. As John mentioned - don't be surprised - even the simplest thing as a bad cable can mislead you. Swap the cable for a new one and repeat the steps above. If it still fails, the problem is on your computer's NIC.

Can you please confirm all of this first and let us know what driver you are using, make/manufacturer of the NIC, what kind of router etc..this will help us all in troubleshooting further."