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No backlight in keyboard after upgrading to windows 10

No backlight in keyboard after upgrading to windows 10

Hi All.

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Thanks for the previous answers. I'm running Windows 10 on the Lenovo IdeaPad 700. After a bit of searching I discovered pressing the Fn key and the Space Bar at the same time enables the keyboard lighting. It might be the same for the ThinkPad series and IdeaPad 700Y. Hopefully this helps someone!
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"I have the Samsung chronos 7 model NP700Z5A-S02ES. This was the solution for me but it should work on all Samsung laptops which don´t get Samsung Settings on a comfortable way with the Samsung Update tool:

1.) download and unzip Samsung Settings version from here: http://org.downloadcenter.samsung.com/do...

2.) run the command prompt as administrator and run ""Inst.exe"" from the downloaded package. To avoid the warning: ""This app has been blocked for your protection"" try:

Right click on Windows 10 menu button, select “Windows Powershell (Admin)” and run “Inst.exe” from here."
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I have the same issue.

All my Fn-Keys didn´t work until i installed ""Samsung Settings"". now they do but the only thing missing is the backlite.

The standart PS/2 Keyboard is allready shown in the device manager. I´ve reinstalled the driver whithout luck. Is there anyone who has another solution? Something i could try?

Thanks a lot and excuse my bad english !"
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Hi guys I'm using lenova idea pad B 50-50 model 80S2 I5 new one there is no back light, how to turn on back light on my laptop can u tell that guys plz thank q"""
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"Dear All

i do have same problem after instaling windows 10.kindly follow the below link

you will get solved the problem


thank you