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No screen saver for always-on machine - is it safe?

No screen saver for always-on machine - is it safe?

I have a home server that is connected to my TV via HDMI. I want it to display some information that I can easily see by flipping the channel on the TV. I would like to disable the screen saver and any display-disabling functionality on the machine so that the display is always active. That way I can hit the HDMI button on my remote and see the info.

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"I can't see a problem with this (other than the environmental cost of keeping electronics on 24 hours a day).

You can't damage the cable in this way and as the computer is already on 24 hours a day it's not going to change that.

The image isn't going to be permanently on screen and that was only an serious issue with CRT displays, not LCD (which I assume you've got from your mentioning of HDMI cables)."
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"From a computer perspective, there's no problem at all.
From a monitor perspective, if you use the display anyway then there's also no problem -- otherwise you could turn off the display at times.

I do the same; my TV-pc is always on and when I need it, I turn on the video projector."