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nvidia drivers crash a linux machine with 2 video cards

nvidia drivers crash a linux machine with 2 video cards

In Fedora 11 (64bit) I was using the nvidia binary drivers (akmod-nvidia) to drive both by QUadro FX 1400, with 2 monitors on it, and my GeForce 8400 GX, with 1 monitor on it.

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Guest [Entry]

"I'm having the same issue--except in my case, it's a single onboard nvidia display controller. The problem started with the basic installation, and has continued after installing the nvidia proprietary driver (190.53)...although it looks much better when it crashes. :-)

The display locks up, the mouse still works, but I can't ssh in from another machine, although the system is still on the network. If I have a running ssh from another machine, it still works--which indicates that something is causing the machine to become busy, not a complete lockup.

I'll try the CTL-ALT-F1 next time. But so far, ps, top, and logs haven't given me a clue--Xorg.0.log looks just fine, there arent' any dmesg indications, and the only ""solution"" is a hard reboot.

Funnily enough, this is my 8th FC12 install and only one machine is giving me headaches... A couple of the others are MythTv machines with nvidia cards that run just fine."