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Office 2007 in Windows Update when Office 2007 is not installed?

Office 2007 in Windows Update when Office 2007 is not installed?

When I updated Windows 7 today, I noticed that it included several updates for Office 2007. However, I only have Office 2003 installed. Are these Office 2007 updates (a) for Office 2003, (b) for Visual Studio 2008, or (c) a figment of Bill Gates's imagination?

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Guest [Entry]

"If you have any of the viewers or compatibility packs installed, that might trigger updates associated with the newer version of Office. Upon getting certain attachments in Exchange I was prompted to download a compatibility pack in order to view the document. After this I would see 2007 related Updates in my 2003 Office install. I would also see the updates when I only had Visio Viewer installed.

Link to the Compatibility Pack which may be installed:

From the actual support text -

This update applies to the following products: The 2007 Microsoft Office suite and the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

I had Visio Viewer installed, then later deleted, and sill would require the Update. I'm assuming this is because some DLL's were left behind."