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OpenOfficedotorg Defective JRE

OpenOfficedotorg Defective JRE

I installed the ODT to LaTex converter for OpenOffice under Ubuntu 9.04 because I wanted to convert my basic document template and even though it found the proper Sun JRE (Version is 1.6.0_14, ddisplayed under Tools -> Options -> OpenOfficedotorg / Java) and the OO Java package has been installed it still gives me this error message:

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Guest [Entry]

"Try the solutions mentioned in this thread:

Close OOo and delete the ~/.openofficedotorg/3/user/config/javasettings_Linux_x86.xml file
If that didn't work, rename your OOo user profile (~/.openofficedotorg)

If these don't work, look through the thread for a number of other workarounds. This bug report also seems relevant to your issue: Stream of JRE errors when going to ""Macros"" tab in frame properties"