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OS X: Can I paste plain text by default?

OS X: Can I paste plain text by default?

This is a version of Windows XP: Can I paste plain text by default for Mac users. This drives me insane as well.

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"Here you go:

There's an answer, thanks to the Keyboard & Mouse pane in System Preferences. If you click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, you can assign ""Paste Without Formatting"" and/or ""Paste and Match Style"" to Command + V for all applications. Just click the + button under the list, type in the name of the appropriate menu items, and press ⌘-V in the Keyboard Shortcut box.
One note: Panic designer Neven Mrgan found that using this tip means you won't be able to paste images into iChat using Command + V. Dragging and dropping (or choosing Paste from the Edit menu) still works, though. Update: If you explicitly add ⌘-V in as a shortcut for Paste that's specific to iChat, you can restore the image paste capability without breaking the global shortcut."